Student Testimonials
We have good and pleasant atmosphere in the college. We have good education system where the faculty giving unique guidance to the student for both laboratory and theory. The faculties are motivating the student to get good marks. Not only in education part but also in extra curricular and motivatiing to do the Mini Projects and several activities based on curicular and extra curricular activities. They will council the student and helps us from the problem occured for students. They are helping us in many way. We have good infrastructure in the College. Our Colelge environment is full of green trees within makes more pleasant and peace. We are getting healthy and sufficient food. We are very happy to start our career from this College.

- Ms. N. Jayashree

Our College have good infrastructure with well equipped laboratories. Faculties are highly qualified with good practical and theoritical knowledge. They conduct lot of guest lectures, workshops, inplant training and undergo frequent industrial visit, so that we can improve in our practical knowledge. Our College conduct project fests, National and International Conference, Sports Competations to help us improve our co curricular and extra curricular activities. Our College provides good soft skill training to help us get placed in well reuputed core companies.

- Mr. D.Ravivarman

Management is guiding the students properly and friendly. They try to motivate the students in sports and other activities. They gave many management scholarship for whose students suffer to pay fees. Atmosphere is good in our College. Food Facilities is nice.