Department of Science & Humanities

Communication Skills Laboratory

The communication skills laboratory meets the challenges of the ever changing needs of the globalized world, in terms of acquiring language skills. The Language Lab provides a platform in which the students acquire the competency and command over English Language. It also improves their Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Presentation Skills, Phonetics and Grammar. The lab enables students to appear for an interview and make them to face the global needs and changes. Training is given to the students to develop their personality and career. The lab yields the students not only the knowledge in various aspects of communication skills but also helps them to gain self confidence and to overcome the fear of speaking in public. The lab comprises one server and client connected through 10mbps speed network. The software includes Globarena English Language.

  • 32
    No. of Systems
  • 84 Sq.m.
    Area of the Lab

Physics Laboratory

This laboratory imparts knowledge through experiments in the areas of optics, acoustics, material science, electricity and electronics. The lab is fully equipped with high precision apparatus such as Ultrasonic Interferometer, Hysteresis set up, Lees Disc apparatus, Band gap kit etc., which gives innovative exposure to the students. Well designed and spacious lab (1785 Sq .ft) which can accommodate 30 students at a time. A separate dark room (117 Sq. ft) is available to carry out the experiments such as laser, Spectrometer and Optical fiber. The lab is also well stocked with models and charts required for the proper understanding of the subject. We conduct practical by providing one experimental set up to three students.

  • 125 Sq.m.
    Area of the Lab

Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory imparts knowledge through experiments in the areas of Electro chemistry, Polymers, Water Technology and Analytical Techniques. The Department has excellent, well spaced, highly ventilated and well-equipped laboratory infrastructure. Highly sophisticated Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer etc. are available to the students to practice. Periodically calibrated instruments are employed for practical to produce precise results. All the electrical experiments are performed with the help of distilled water and well-equipped laboratory infrastructure.

  • 167 Sq.m.
    Area of the Lab