Present Designation /Occupation
 Dr. Arumugam K  Chairman  Principal of the College  Principal
 Mr. Chandramouli
 Traffic Inspector(Madhavaram)
 Mr. Abimannan A
 Mr. Gowthaman A  Member  Representative of Parents  Conductor
 Mr. Pattabiraman D  Member  Representative of Parents  Advocate
 Mr. Ganesh Kumar S  Member  Representative of Parents  LIC Advisor
 Ms. Abinaya M  Member  Representative of Students  Student
 Ms. Sona S  Member  Representative of Students  Student
  Mr. Raja Ram S  Member   Representative of Students Student
 Mr. Murali M  Member  Representative of Students  Student
 Mr. Sabaresh M T  Member  Representative of Students  Student
 Ms. Sowmiya R  Member   Representative of Students  Student
 Mr. Jeyamohan V  Member  Non-Teaching Faculty  Lab Instructor