Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Facility


Lathes, Capstan & Turret Lathe, Universal Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machines, Slotting Machine, Tool & Cutter Grinder, Shaping Machine,and other standard equipments.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Air Conditioning Test Rig, Blower Test Rig, Steam Turbine Test Rig, Two Stage air compressor Test Rig, Oil Stream Boiler, and other standard equipments.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

Kapalan, Francis & Turgo Impulse Turbines, Pelton and various types of pumps, Bernouli & Flow Meters, and other standard equipments.

IC Engine Laboratory

Operating Cut Section of Engines (Petrol & Diesel), Multi Cylinder Engines with Dynamo Meter (Petrol & Diesel), Two stroke Engines and other standard equipments.

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Composite Wall Apparatus, Concentric Tube H.E.,Natural & Forced Convection Apparatus, Emissivity Apparatus, Concentric Tube Apparatus, Pin Fin Apparatus, Stefen Boltzman Apparatus, and other standard equipments.

Dynamics Laboratory

Vibration Analyser, Universal Governor, Multi degree freedom Suspension system, Electrical Gyroscope, Fly wheel and axle System, and other standard equipments.

Metrology Laboratory

Electronic Comparator, Tool Makers Microscope, Profile Projector, Autocollimeter, and other standard equipments.