Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory Facility

Electrical Machines Laboratory - I & II

Brief Description:This lab is used to experimentally verify the characteristics of AC and DC machines.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: DC Machines - Shunt motors, Series motors, Compound motors, Self and Separately excited DC generators. AC Machines - Alternators, single and three phase transformers, Synchronous motors, Single phase and Three phase squirrel cage and Slip ring Induction motors. Starters for DC motors and Induction motors.

Power Electronics Laboratory - PG & UG

Brief Description:This lab is used to study the power switching devices characteristics, power conversion technologies and speed control of electrical machines.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Power Converters – AC/AC Converters, AC/DC Converters, DC/DC Converters, Resonant Converters, Cycloconverters, Inverters, power switching devices, trainer kit and RPS.

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Brief Description: This lab is used to study the operation of logic gates, implementation of adder/subtractor, working of multiplexer and demultiplexer, A/D &D/A Converter, Shift Registers and Counters, Phase Locked Loop (PLL), etc.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Digital IC trainer kits, Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes.

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory

Brief Description: DC and AC bridges, transducers, thermocouples and instrumentation trainers.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: LVDT, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Pressure Transducers, Strain gauges, Resistive, Inductive and capacitive measurement systems, digital multimeters, LCR meter, Function generators and oscilloscopes.

Control Systems Laboratory

Brief Description: Introduction to signals and various controllers. Design of controllers using Matlab/Simulink.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Kelvin Brigdes, Wheatstone Bridges, Anderson Bridges, Speed control of Universal Motor, Non Contactable Tachometer using Light Rays, Stepper motor interfacing using Microprocessors.

Electronics Laboratory

Brief Description:Introductory ECE courses in analog and digital circuits and electronics with modern industry-standard equipment and software.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: The Electronics Laboratory has several stations, each equipped with a PC, GPIB-controlled Agilent test instruments and National Instruments ELVIS development stations linked by LabVIEW. Several stations have new LeCroy digital scopes, and three have Agilent MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes. This facility supports introductory ECE courses in analog and digital circuits and electronics with modern industry-standard equipment and software. The lab also supports more advanced experiments in signals and systems, communications, electromagnetism, and photonics. Senior design and project students use the lab on an open basis, and several freshman EK131/132 modules are held here. A small parts window sells common discrete components. Cadence SPB\OrCAD software supports SPICE circuit simulations and schematic capture and PCB layout. Engineering students may generally use the PC stations during open lab times.

Electrical Circuits Laboratory

Brief Description:To acquaint students with basic Concepts & properties of Electrical Circuits & networks

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Digital oscilloscopes, Measuring Meters, Waveform Generators.