Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


  • To train the students to have successful career in the field of electronic industry and motivate them to pursue higher education and research.
  • To provide strong basic knowledge in mathematics and basic science required for various technologies in electronics and related core.
  • To comprehend the fundamentals of analog and digital electronic circuits and their applications.
  • To prepare and train to practice the various concepts of electronics and communication theories and practical circuits.
  • To provide depth knowledge in Electronic, Communication and signals system design.
  • To provide necessary foundation on computational and software applications related to electronics and system automation
  • To afford a prospect to work in inter and intra disciplinary training and projects.
  • To acquire knowledge and awareness in other inter related domain through elective subjects.
  • To impart entrepreneur skills, quality standards, social responsibilities and professional ethics in engineering and manufacturing field.
  • To give exposure in recent developments and research fields required for core industry.