Department of Civil Engineering


  • To prepare students for successful careers in Civil Engineering field that meets the needs of Indian and multinational companies.
  • To develop the confidence and ability among students to synthesize data and technical concepts and thereby apply it in real world problems.
  • To develop students to use modern techniques, skill and mathematical engineering tools for solving problems in Civil Engineering.
  • To provide students with a sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyse engineering problems and to prepare them for graduate studies.
  • To promote students to work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary projects and make them engage in life-long learning process throughout their professional life.

    On successful completion of the programme,
  • Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • Graduate will demonstrate an ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to design a system, component or process as per needs and specifications.
  • Graduates will demonstrate an ability to visualize and work on laboratory and multidisciplinary tasks.
  • Graduate will demonstrate skills to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze problems
  • Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Graduate will be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  • Graduate will show the understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.
  • Graduate will develop confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning.