Department of Civil Engineering


  • There are a number of technical specialties within the realm of Civil Engineering for students to pursue their higher studies. The various fields of Civil Engineering specialization include Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water resources Engineering, Irrigation Management, Earthquake Engineering, Remote Sensing and GIS, Construction Management & Technology and Coastal Engineering.
  • There are many career paths within this field. Civil Engineers are appointed in State and Central Government Departments like PWD, NHAI and TWAD Boards. Apart from these Government agencies, Civil Engineers are employed in Military Engineering Services as well. Our students get opportunities in Core Companies like L&T, AFCONS, ECC, CCCL, ALCHIMICA, SAINT GOBAIN, RMC etc. Civil Engineers design and oversee the construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure such as highways, tunnels, rail systems, airports and water supply and sewage systems. The job includes analysis – especially in the planning stage – studying survey reports and maps, breaking down construction costs and considering government regulations and potential environmental hazards. Civil engineers also may test soils and building materials, provide cost estimates for equipment and labour, and use software to plan and design systems and structures. There is a huge demand for Civil Engineers in Foreign countries. The most important is that a Civil Engineer can start his own construction company and bid contracts from government and private companies.