Civil Engineering Laboratory Facility

Strength of Material Lab

Brief Description:The students are trained to apply loads to various construction materials under different equilibrium conditions.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Tests on materials in compression, tension, torsion, bending, and buckling are performed.


Brief Description:Computer Aided Design Lab has forty computer systems exclusively installed with Civil Engineering Software.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Autodesk Computer Aided Design and Drawing (AutoCAD) Software is used to draw 3D model with landscaping. Structural Analysis and Design for Professionals.

Environment Engineering Lab

Brief Description:Environment Engineering Lab is meant to analyze the quality of potable water and sewage water.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: Specialized instrument includes digital pH meter, digital turbidity meter, Calorimeter, muffle furnace, hot air oven, water bath, magnetic stirrer with hot plates, jar test apparatus, kjeldane apparatus, BOD analyzer, COD analyzer & refrigerator for sample storage.

Survey Lab

Brief Description: Surveying is the primary work done in any construction projects.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: This lab possesses traditional and modern instruments such as pocket stereoscope, total station and global positioning system (GPS). The students are trained in the field for measuring and recording details of an area of land.

Soil Mechanics Lab

Brief Description:The report from this lab is mandatory for the design of relevant foundation or structure.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: The properties of soil are studied by the student using both field and laboratory test methods according to the standards. The behavior of soil under different loading conditions is necessary for the safe design of soil structure.

Drawing Lab

Brief Description: Drawing is the communication of the civil engineer.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: In this lab students are trained to draw various structures related to irrigation engineering such as dam, canal, aqueduct, channel etc., and environment engineering such as waste water treatment plant, potable water treatment plant, and sewage treatment plant.

Concrete and Highway Engineering Lab

Brief Description: Concrete lab is used to test concrete and its ingredients such as cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate for achieving the proper mix design.

  • Equipment Details:

    Apparatus: The concrete lab has BIS instruments to test concrete grade M125. Students learn the quality control to be maintained and the quality assurance to be given for concrete as per IS Code.